Welcome to RJF Capital Advisers

About Our Firm

RJF Capital Advisors LLC is a private investment firm, which makes both control and non-control investments in a diversified portfolio of lower to middle market companies.


Our Purpose

The firm was purposefully built to seek long-term outperformance — for the entrepreneurs we partner with and our co-investors.

Our Approach

Our approach encourages collaboration, engagement, creativity, and discipline. We focus on the overall capital structure to provide for growth initiatives and long-term cashflow.

Our Experience

With over thirty years’ experience in private equity deal structuring, we are known for our capabilities in understanding complicated deal structuring. We are agile and can make investment decisions in a timely fashion with a streamlined decision process.

Investment Focus

RJF looks to invest $5 to $10 million of equity in businesses generating greater than $3 million of EBITDA.
We can be a minority or majority investor.
We prefer management in place, but we will consider other structures.
We are industry agnostic but prefer investing in situations where we can collaborate with management to drive revenue growth and operational improvement.
We do not invest in early stage venture capital or pre-revenue situations.

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