About RJF Capital Advisors

RJF Capital Advisors LLC is a private investment firm, which makes both control and non-control investments in a diversified portfolio of lower middle to market companies.

The firm was purposefully built to seek long-term outperformance — for the entrepreneurs we partner with and our co-investors. Our approach allows owners and founders to achieve their liquidity goals while providing management with an opportunity to become owners. Our style is straight forward and collaborative.

We do this through alignment, and we commit a significant equity investment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our investors and executive team partners. This powerful alignment of interests is amplified by our unwavering focus on the lower to middle market where we believe our expertise, resources, and relationships can make the greatest contribution to building businesses that thrive over the long term. We have extensive experience in operational excellence, a commitment to technology enhancement, and profitable growth through internal and add-on acquisitions.

Our approach encourages collaboration, engagement, creativity, and discipline — all of which are necessary to build highly productive partnerships and growth companies. As demonstrated by the consistent top quartile returns generated by our funds, this approach has been highly successful, and we believe it is


Investment Focus

RJF looks to invest $5 to $10 million of equity in businesses generating greater than $3 million of EBITDA.

We can be a minority or majority investor.

We prefer management in place, but we will consider other structures.

We are industry agnostic but prefer investing in situations where we can collaborate with management to drive revenue growth and operational improvement.

We do not invest in early stage venture capital or pre-revenue situations.